Trial LRT Jakarta

  • 2018-10-21 04:24:21
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The Jakarta light rail transit project is aimed to tackle Jakarta's high road traffic congestion. The LRT project is substitutes the Jakarta Monorail project which has been cancelled.

The monorail project in Jakarta was planned since the early 2000s. Construction commenced in 2004 but immediately stalled due to insufficient funding. In 2005 the initial pylons were constructed, however the project was abandoned altogether in 2008, leaving the unfinished pylons blocking roads. The monorail line design, including a Green loop line and Blue line, gained criticism, as it only connected shopping malls in Jakarta's city center, and would not connect to Jakarta's suburbs, which desperately need transportation infrastructure, and thus would not be useful for Jakartan commuters. Transportation experts deemed that the city center monorail project would not address Jakarta's traffic problems, but would only serve as a novelty tourists' ride.To answer the need for commuter infrastructure, a consortium of five state owned enterprises, led by PT Adhi Karya (previously part of the Jakarta Monorail consortium), proposed the construction of a 39.036 km (24 mi) monorail line connecting Cibubur-Cawang-Kuningan and Bekasi-Cawang across Greater Jakarta. The line will connect the 'Green' and 'Blue' lines originally planned by PT Jakarta Monorail to Jakarta's suburbs Cibubur and Bekasi.

In 2013 the Jakarta monorail project was revived and relaunched. In mid 2014 however, the project was stalled after disagreement between PT Jakarta Monorel, the developer/operator, and the Jakarta Municipal Government over land acquisition for the depot as well as the station designs.Following the disagreements, by 2015 the Jakarta Municipal Government terminated its contract with PT Jakarta Monorel; thus monorail project was disbanded altogether. The numerous stalled monorail support poles will be used by state-owned construction company PT Adhi Karya to develop Jakarta's light rail transit instead. The shift of choice from monorail to light rail transit (LRT) system was based on several considerations; compared to monorail, LRT has higher passenger capacity, simpler intersection and switching system, and cheaper maintenance cost.

As of May 2018, the construction progress is 39%.

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Trial LRT Jakarta